jeudi 16 octobre 2014


I found in the book by Tomoko Morimoto  " The basics of frivolity in 3 steps"
this little pattern called dahlia :

mardi 7 octobre 2014

Tina Frauberger

4 squares designed from Tina Frauberger. (Fig 75 in her book) :

jeudi 25 septembre 2014

Motif # 24

2 squares designed from Tina Frauberger. (Fig 75 in her book)

the baby is born: it is a beautiful little girl
and now here I am grandmother of five grandchildren ....
Time flies but I'm so happy to see children growing up

jeudi 11 septembre 2014

Motif #23

This is a square designed from Tina Frauberger. (Fig 75 in her book)
I'm not at home but in the house of my daughter who is going to have her
third child and I Don't tat so much ...

samedi 30 août 2014

Motif # 20

I found the design of this doily in an old book called "Frauberger Schiffchenspitze"- Band II
 from the Antique Pattern Library.
There was no explanation under the picture  and I had to look up the number of stitches in other patterns of the book. Fortunately there are lots of photos and details about similar tatted patterns

jeudi 14 août 2014

Motif # 19

it's a flower pattern out of my imagination ... I know it does not really look like a flower, but I  wanted to use this wonderful  colored thread and I just let the shuttles do their job ;-)


mercredi 13 août 2014

Motif # 18

Here is the complete motif :

Design : Takako Tikano

The model is presented with a fine gold necklace chain , but I could tat double knots to connect the ground to the clasp : I don't know how what is the best ...

lundi 11 août 2014

Motif 17

Here is the beginning of a necklace whose design I immediately liked
these are just flowers:

Design : Takako Tikano

vendredi 8 août 2014


this is my motif Nr. 16

a Mat in lizbeth Nr. 40 color Ocean Turquoise (6257)
Design Tomako Moritomo

dimanche 3 août 2014

Motif Nr. 15

 a multicolored necklace tatted with with  nylon thread  :

jeudi 31 juillet 2014

Motif Nr. 14

Here is my design, using split stitch and trefoil.
I have tatted this necklace in DMC pearl cotton # 12 
I have not tatted with variegated thread but with two very close colors and some beads.

Necklace " Trefoil "

lundi 28 juillet 2014

motif Nr.13 for the 25 motifs Challenge

I would like to create a lace collar. Here is my test.

motif Nr.13 for the 25 motif Challenge

I did not continue because I do not like it ... maybe variegated colors are prettier?

mardi 22 juillet 2014

Tatting Challenge Motif Nr. 12

I have started doing Renulek's new collar pattern.
Hier is the Tat along :

Design : Renulek

mercredi 2 juillet 2014

Here are two new tatted motifs.

I continue to train myself to make Cluny.  I have tatted simple flowers using Cluny leaves 
These basic patterns can be found easily, but I am not satisfied with the result
A lacemaker told me she had to do at least 100 Cluny leaves before mastering the art ... so it's not over! lol

lundi 30 juin 2014

Tatting challenge Nr. 9

I have tatted a bouquet of Cluny leaves

These are not difficult to make, although a little practice is needed in order to attain perfect results and will have to practice that !

vendredi 27 juin 2014

Tatting motif Nr. 8 : Bracelet

A tatted edging can make a good bracelet ...
Here I have tatted  a motif from Designer Tomoko Morimoto :

mardi 24 juin 2014

This is my motif Nr. 7 for the 25 motifs Challenge,
a little doily tatted with Lizbeth Thread 184 :Rainbow Splash

Design from Tomoko Morimoto


samedi 17 mai 2014

Hearts and Flowers

This is another design from Lyn Morton's Tatting Patterns :

Design : Lyn Morton

White thread is Cordonnet DMC (size 40)it is my personal favorite thread to tat with!
Readt Thread is AURIFIL MAKO 12 :about the same as bead crochet thread size 12 or 30-40 It is also recommended for Hardanger embroidery, Sashiko and all the decorative embroidery techniques or applied by hand or machine when a large relief effect is desired.

mercredi 14 mai 2014

back to the 25 Motif Challenge

I took back the book of Lyn Morton " Tatting Patterns "because it's well digrammed and here is the motif " flat flower "tatted with Lizbeth thread size 80 Color 156 (Juicy Watermelon) :

I find that this thread slides less well than DMC 80, but I love the color

Flat Flower - Design Lyn Morton