vendredi 25 septembre 2009

Tatting and Netting

At the moment I try these 2 techniques and they really interest me both :
At the top it's embroidered net. I have done a pattern of Maragret Morgan.
Below a little tatted net in white and blue (pattern of Mary Konior ).
But here the tatted net is not rather fine and the contrast with the embroidered net is too important. The next time, I shall take a thread lace for the tatted work. I have to take a finer thread so that the work is more attractive !

2 commentaires:

  1. Very nice on both crafts, Ancolie! Someone in my lace guild has some netting needles for me. I have yet to learn this craft.

    ~TattingChic ♥

  2. The one by Mary Konior is meant to be like filet crochet, little blocks open and closed. I don't think it will ever look like the netting, but...doesn't really look like filet crochet either. LOL!